A.   Specifications for contracts shall not require any product by any brand name or mark, nor the product of any particular manufacturer or seller, unless the product is exempted from this requirement by the Board under this Section. However, this Section shall not be construed to prevent reference and the specification to the particular product as a description of the type of item required.
   B.   The Board may, by resolution, exempt certain products or classes of products upon any of the following findings:
      1.   It is unlikely that such exemption will encourage favoritism in the awarding of the contract or substantially diminished competition.
      2.   The specification of a product by brand name or a mark or the product of a particular manufacturer or seller would result in substantial cost savings.
      3.   There is only one manufacturer or seller of the product of the quality of the product required.
      4.   Efficient utilization of existing equipment or supplies require the acquisition of compatible equipment or supplies. (Ord. 398, 1-3-76)