A.   Rate Regulation:
      1.   Attached to the ordinance codified herein on file is the current rate schedule in effect for the franchisee. Said rates shall remain in effect until such time as the city council adjusts those rates by resolution. As provided below, the franchisee may request a rate review to determine if an adjustment to the rate schedule is justified to compensate for increasing operating costs and other costs.
      2.   Changes in the rate schedule shall be made by a resolution of the council. In determining rates, the council shall give due consideration to current and projected revenue and expense, actual overhead expense, the costs of acquiring and replacing equipment, a reasonable return to the franchisee for doing business, the services of management, the costs of providing landfill requirements, other services, research and development and such other factors as the council deems relevant. The council may consider rates charged by other persons performing the same or similar service.
      3.   The franchisee may call for a rate review as provided in subsection A1 of this section by written application for rate adjustment to the council with accompanying justification for the proposed rate adjustment.
      4.   The council shall consider the request for the rate adjustment at a regular council meeting or a special council meeting called for the purpose, within thirty (30) days after receiving the request from the franchisee. Council shall give the franchisee at least ten (10) days' written notice of said meeting and the franchisee shall present arguments and documents in support of the need for the requested rate adjustment. The franchisee shall provide the city quarterly a customer list containing the amounts charged the customers for services. The franchisee shall make available to the city manager or other authorized personnel the opportunity to inspect all franchisee's books and records relating to services performed within the city. Within thirty (30) days of the council meeting at which the request for rate adjustment is heard, the council shall act on the request by either rejecting or granting in whole or in part the request.
   B.   Billing, Collection And Franchise Fee:
      1.   The franchisee shall bill for and collect the solid waste service fee and shall pay the city five percent (5%) of the franchise monies collected from city customers. Such payment shall be on a quarterly basis. At the end of the city fiscal year, the franchisee shall provide the city a statement specifying the number of residential, commercial and other services performed by the franchisee during the previous year and all revenues derived from those services. If requested by the city manager, the franchisee shall provide the city the opportunity to inspect all the franchisee's books and records relating to services performed within the city.
      2.   The franchisee shall provide for a fifteen percent (15%) discount for low income individuals for their first two (2) cans. A low income individual is one who is eligible for a discount rate on sewer and water charges from the city. (Ord. 563-08, 6-9-2008)