It is declared to be public policy of the city to regulate solid waste management in order to:
   A.   Ensure safe, efficient, economical and comprehensive solid waste service.
   B.   Ensure fair and equitable consumer rates and prohibit rate preferences or other practices that might be discriminatory.
   C.   Conserve energy and material resources, reduce solid waste, promote material and energy recovery in all forms.
   D.   Provide for technologically and economically feasible resource recovery by and through the franchise on a first option basis.
   E.   Eliminate overlapping service and thereby increase efficiency and decrease truck noise, street wear, energy waste, air pollution and public inconvenience.
   F.   Protect public health and the environment.
   G.   Protect against improper and dangerous handling of infectious and hazardous wastes.
   H.   Provide a public service standard.
   I.   Provide a basis and incentive for investment in solid waste equipment, facilities and technology.
   J.   Comply with Oregon Revised Statutes chapter 459 and other state, federal and local laws and regulations relating to solid waste handling and disposal. (Ord. 563-08, 6-9-2008)