(A)   Unless a micrographics program in a department is specifically exempted by order of the municipality, all microfilming of records will be centralized and under the direct supervision of the Records Management Officer.
   (B)   The records management plan will establish policies and procedures for the microfilming of municipal records, including policies to ensure that all microfilming is done in accordance with standards and procedures for the microfilming of local government records established in rules of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
   (C)   The plan will also establish criteria for determining the eligibility of records for microfilming and protocols for ensuring that a microfilming program that is exempted from the centralized operations is, nevertheless, subject to periodic review by the Records Management Officer as to cost-effectiveness, administrative efficiency and compliance with commission rules.
(2005 Code, § 1-3-17)  (Ord. 901101B, passed 11-1-1990)