(A)   Height: three feet.
   (B)   Maximum allowed sign area: 50 square feet per face.
   (C)   Measured sign area shown: 27 square feet (three feet by nine feet).
   (D)   Maximum allowed structure area: 70 square feet per face.
   (E)   Measured structure area shown: 60 square feet (five feet by 12 feet).
   (F)   Notes: the sign base and/or structure must be constructed or covered with the same masonry material as the principal building, or stone, or brick. All sign text and graphic elements shall be limited to a minimum of six inches from the outer limits of the sign structure. Sign may be illuminated utilizing a ground lighting source, where the light itself and supporting structure may not be visible from public R.O.W.
(Ord. 060518D, passed 6-18-2006)