§ 151.33  EXEMPT SIGNS.
   The following signs are exempted from the requirements of this chapter.
   (A)   Vehicular signs.
      (1)   Vehicular signs, unless the sign is used or intended to be used as an on-site or off-site sign.
      (2)   It shall be prima facie evidence that a sign is used as an on-site or off-site sign if a vehicle is parked at the same location for a continuous period exceeding 72 hours.
      (3)   No person shall attach any sign to a trailer, skid or similar mobile structure, where the primary use of such structure is to provide a base for such sign or to constitute the sign itself.
      (4)   This provision shall not be interpreted to prohibit identification signs on vehicles used for business purposes, nor shall it be interpreted to prohibit bumper stickers.
   (B)   Warning and security signs.
   (C)   Government signs and signs for non-profit organizations. Government signs and signs for non-profit organizations sponsored by government including flags, insignia, legal notices, informational, directional and traffic signs which are legally required or necessary to the essential functions of government agencies.
   (D)   “No Dumping” and “No Trespassing” signs.
   (E)   Signs in public parks. Signs in public parks placed inside ballfield fencing by the city, which are intended for advertising to raise funds for recreation programs which have copy on only one face with the copy facing toward the interior of the field.
   (F)   Signs attached to a temporary structure. Signs attached to a temporary structure utilized specifically for outdoor sales or services or any other signs which are approved in a specific use permit authorizing the outdoor sales or services.
   (G)   Signs attached to a donation bin.
(Ord. 060518D, passed 6-18-2006)