§ 151.12  VARIANCES.
   (A)   The City Council may authorize variances to any restriction set forth in this chapter, including but not limited to the number, type, area, height or setback of signs, or any other aspect involved in the sign permitting process.
   (B)   In granting any variance, the City Council shall determine that a literal enforcement of the sign regulations will create an unnecessary hardship or a practical difficulty on the applicant, that the situation causing the unnecessary hardship or practical difficulty is unique to the affected property and is not self-imposed, that the variance will not injure and will be wholly compatible with the use and permitted development of adjacent properties, and that the granting of the variance will be in harmony with the spirit and purpose of this Sign Ordinance.
   (C)   A person may request a variance from the Sign Ordinance by filing the request with the Administrative Official.
   (D)   Any request for variance shall be accompanied by a completed application and a non-refundable filing fee in the amount specified in the current fee schedule adopted by the City Council.
(Ord. 060518D, passed 6-18-2006)