(A)   No license for the installation, erection and/or maintenance of signs shall be issued to any person nor shall any person install, erect or maintain any sign or medium of display or advertising, electric or otherwise, until that person has provided proof of general liability insurance in the amount of $100,000 to the Administrative Official or filed with the City of Heath’s Secretary a surety bond in the sum of $5,000. The bond shall be approved by the City of Heath’s Director of Finance and shall be conditioned for the installation and erection of signs in accordance with the ordinances of the city and the laws of the state, and shall provide for the indemnification of the city for any and all damages or liability which may accrue against it by reason of faulty installation, erection, demolition, repair, removal or defects in, or collapse of, any sign for a period of one year after erection and for such period of time that the sign is maintained or serviced by or under the direction of the maker of the bond. The bond shall further provide for the indemnification of any person who shall, while upon public property or in any public place, incur damage for which the principle name in the bond is legally liable.
   (B)   When any sign contractor’s license has been canceled, the license shall not be renewed until the contractor furnishes an additional bond in the amount of $5,000 guaranteeing compliance with the provisions of this chapter, which bond shall be for a period of two years following renewal of the license.
(Ord. 060518D, passed 6-18-2006)