§ 151.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIAL.  The City Manager or his or her designated representative(s).
   ALTER.  To change the size, shape or outline, or type of sign or to change the electrical lighting, except for the replacement of lamps not brighter than the original or the replacement of a surface panel.
   ATTACH.  To stick, tack, nail or otherwise affix a sign to any object; to paint, stencil, write or otherwise mark on an object.
   BUILDING.  A structure which has a roof supported by walls for the shelter, support or enclosure of persons, animals or chattel.
   CIVIC ORGANIZATION.  An organization which offers community programs to citizen, city or civil affairs groups.
   COMMENCEMENT OF WORK.  For construction of a sign shall be the point in time when the sign has been delivered to the site and attachment to a building has begun or holes are excavated for ground installation.
   DILAPIDATED OR DETERIORATED CONDITION.  Any sign which in the opinion of the Administrative Official has any of the following characteristics:
      (1)   Where elements of the surface or background can be seen, as viewed from the normal viewing distance, to have portions of the finished material or paint flaked, broken off or missing, or otherwise not in harmony with the rest of the surface;
      (2)   Where the structural support or frame members are visibly bent, broken, dented or torn;
      (3)   Where the panel is visibly cracked, or in the case of wood and similar products, splintered in such a way as to constitute an unsightly or harmful condition;
      (4)   Where the sign or its elements are twisted or leaning or at angles other than those at which it was originally erected (such as may result from being blown or the failure of a structural support); or
      (5)   Where the message or wording can no longer be clearly read by a person with normal eyesight under normal viewing condition
   DISTANCE.  Distance of signs from R.O.W. shall mean the shortest horizontal distance from the nearest R.O.W. to a vertical line to the ground from the nearest element of the sign or the shortest horizontal distance in a straight line between the nearest elements of signs.
   DONATION BIN.  A bin or similar structure used for the collection of clothes or non-perishable food items.
   ERECT.  To build, construct, attach, hang, place, suspend or affix. This shall also include the painting of signs on the exterior surface of a building or structure.
   FACADE.  Any separate face of a building, including parapet walls and omitted wall lines, or any part of a building which encloses or covers usable space. Where separate faces are oriented in the same direction, or in the directions within 45 degrees of one another, they are to be considered as part of a single facade.
   FUNDRAISER.  An activity that takes place for the sole purpose of raising funds to support community service organizations, public charities or non-profit organizations.
   GROSS SURFACE AREA or AREA OF A SIGN.  Methods of area measurement shall be in accordance with Appendix A.
   HEIGHT.  As applied to a sign, height shall be measured as the vertical distance between the highest part of the sign or its supporting structure, whichever is higher, and natural grade at the center of the base of the sign (see Appendix A for clarification).
   ILLUMINATION.  The enhancement of a sign utilizing electric lights, luminous tubes or other similar means.
   LEASE SPACE.  An area of a building separated internally and intended for use by an individual tenant.
   LOGO.  Any registered trademark of an organization, individual, company or product which is commonly used in advertising to identify that organization, individual, company or product.
   OBSOLETE.  Any sign:
      (1)   Which for at least 180 continuous days does not identify or advertise a bona fide business, lessor, service, owner, product or activity on the premises on which the sign is located;
      (2)   Which, if the premises is leased, relates to a tenant and at least one year has elapsed since the date the most recent tenant ceased to operate on the premises; or
      (3)   For which no legal owner can be found and relates to a use or purpose that is no longer in existence.
   OUTDOOR SALES OR SERVICES.  The offer or display for sale of any goods, wares, merchandise or services on private property separate and apart from the main building or at a location where there is no preexisting principal use. The goods, wares, merchandise or services offered for sale as outdoor sales or services are normally not offered for sale in the main building on the lot or in association with the principal use.
   PAD SITE.  A tract, lot or land lease intended for the single use of a freestanding building typically adjacent to street R.O.W. and may also be a portion of a tract or lot.
   PUBLIC PROPERTY.  Any property which is owned by a governmental entity. It shall also include property for which the primary use is for the operations of a governmental entity.
   SCULPTED ALUMINUM PANEL.  An aluminum sign panel with text or graphic depictions cut out from the panel, typically with a translucent material covering the cut-out from the inner side of the panel.
   SETBACK.  The distance from the closest portion, whether the support or edge of the sign, to the right-of-way.
   SIGHT TRIANGLE.    There shall be two different sight triangles as depicted in the Subdivision Ordinance. One shall be for public and/or private street intersections and the other for the intersection of private non-single family driveways with public or private streets.
   SIGN.  Every name, number, identification, description and announcement, declaration, demonstration, device, display, flag, banner, pennant, illustration, logo, balloon, streamer, valance, advertising display, poster, beacon, light or insignia, and structure supporting any of the same, affixed directly or indirectly to or upon any building or outdoor structure, or erected or maintained upon a piece of land, which directs attention to any object, project, service, place, activity, person, institution, organization or business.
   SIGN, ATTACHED.  Any sign attached to, applied on, or supported by any part of a building (including canopy fascia, walls and awnings) which encloses or covers usable space.
   SIGN, BANNER.  A temporary sign made of cloth, flexible plastic or canvas material.
   SIGN, BUILDER.  A temporary on-site sign identifying the builder or general contractor of a residential construction site.
   SIGN, BULLETIN BOARD.  A permanent on-site sign providing public information to the residential subdivision within which it is located.
   SIGN, BUSINESS.  A permanent on-site sign that is used to identify a business, profession, organization, institution, service, activity or other nonresidential use conducted, sold or offered on the site where the sign is located. This sign may also identify the name of the site or development or may identify the occupants within the site or development.
   SIGN, DEVELOPMENT.  A temporary on-site sign providing identification or information pertaining to a residential or commercial development to include the builder, property owner, architect, contractor, engineer, landscape architect, decorator or mortgagee, within that development, but shall not include a subdivision marketing sign.
   SIGN, DIRECTIONAL.  A permanent on-site sign intended to aid in vehicular movement on the site.
   SIGN, DIRECTORY.  A permanent on-site sign providing direction to or identifying the buildings in the development.
   SIGN FACE.    The surface of one side of a sign.  For a monument sign, the sign face shall include the sign structure (excluding base).
   SIGN, GARAGE/YARD SALE.  A temporary sign intended to advertise garage sales or yard sales.
   SIGN, GASOLINE PRICING.  A permanent on-site sign which displays the price per gallon of fuel sold by that business, and which may be periodically changed to reflect changes in fuel prices.
   SIGN, GOVERNMENT.  A sign erected by or on behalf of a federal, state or local government or an agency thereof.
   SIGN, GROUND.  Any sign connected to the ground by legs, poles or other supports and which is not an attached, portable, monument or vehicular sign.
   SIGN, INSTITUTIONAL.  A permanent on-site sign used to identify governmental and municipal agencies, public schools, churches or similar public institutions, and used to communicate messages of public importance to the general public.
   SIGN, MENUBOARD.  A permanent on-site sign which displays a menu and pricing for food services and may include an audible speaker and microphone integral to the sign.
   SIGN, MODEL HOME. A temporary real estate sign identifying a homebuilder’s model home open for inspection.
   SIGN, MONUMENT.  Any sign which is connected to the ground and which has no clear space between the bottom of the sign and the surface of the ground.
   SIGN, OFF-SITE.  A sign which directs attention to a business, commodity, service, good, product or entertainment not related to the site upon which such sign is located or to which it is affixed.
   SIGN, ON-SITE.  Any sign, the content of which relates to the site on which it is located, referring exclusively to businesses, commodities, services, products, goods or entertainment on the site, or the sale, lease or construction of those sites.
   SIGN, POLITICAL.  A type of off-site sign which refers only to the candidates or issues involved in a political election.
   SIGN, PORTABLE.  Any sign which is not attached or affixed to the ground, a building, vehicle, or other fixed structure or object. Portable signs include those signs installed on wheels, trailers, skids and similar mobile structures.
   SIGN, READERBOARD (ELECTRONIC).  A sign that utilizes alternating electronic data control components.
   SIGN, READERBOARD (MANUAL).  A sign comprised of non-permanent letters, numerals or symbols, which allows a change of sign copy by adding, removing or rearranging those letters, symbols or numerals.
   SIGN, REAL ESTATE.  A temporary sign intended to advertise real estate for sale or lease.
   SIGN, SPECIAL PURPOSE.  A temporary sign that is either on-site or off-site that provides identification or information pertaining to a special event or occurrence sponsored by a non-profit or civic organization.
   SIGN, SUBDIVISION ENTRY.  Any permanent on-site sign identifying a residential subdivision.
   SIGN, SUBDIVISION MARKETING.  A temporary sign used to market or advertise residential subdivisions within the city and to direct interested persons to the subdivision location.
   SIGN, TEMPORARY.  Any sign constructed of cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard or other like materials, with or without frames, and any type sign not permanently attached to the ground, wall, or building, intended to be displayed for a short period of time only.
   SIGN, VEHICULAR.  Any sign which is affixed to a vehicle.
   SIGN, WINDOW.  Any sign located on the internal and/or external surface of the window, or is located within two feet of the window, of any establishment.
   SITE.  A lot, tract or pad site.
   TEMPORARY STRUCTURE.  A structure without any foundation or footings.
(Ord. 060518D, passed 6-18-2006)