(A)   Powers and Duties of the Board. The Board shall exercise only those powers and duties granted by this chapter and those powers and duties which may be assigned to it at a later time by the City Commission. As noted hereinafter, the Board shall not consider interior arrangement or use, but shall consider the historical and architectural qualities of the exterior of buildings and other structures and the relationship of those buildings and structures to others in the district so as to avoid incongruity and promote harmony therewith. It is intended that this chapter shall be interpreted consistently with the provisions of Chapter 150 Building Regulations and Chapter 151  Flood Damage Prevention Code and other sections of this code regulating building construction, maintenance and land usage. Nothing contained in this chapter should be construed in any manner which would disqualify the city or individual properties from participation in the National Flood Insurance Program or under any federal or state programs for public housing, community or urban redevelopment or economic development.
   (B)   Meetings. The Board shall hold its meetings at regularly scheduled times or at the call of the Building Inspector, the Board chairman or any two members thereof. A quorum shall consist of three members, but a lesser number may conduct public hearings or meetings at which the principal purpose is collection of information, and, provided, that no action binding upon the Board shall be taken at any such meeting. All meetings and records of the Board shall be public except as otherwise provided in Chapter 150. Decisions of the Board shall be by majority vote taken at a meeting where a quorum of members is present.
   (C)   Delegation of Authority. The Board may delegate authority to review and approve or disapprove individual applications (other than applications to create historic districts) to the Building Inspector who may review and grant or deny such applications without public hearing and formal action by the Board, but any action by the Building Inspector without prior Board approval may be subject to appeal to the Board as hereinafter provided. The Board may also exercise its discretion to appoint one or more hearing officers from time to time to conduct any adjudicative type proceeding and to make recommended findings of fact or conclusions of law to assist the Board in the conduct of its duties.
(Ord. 2002-10, passed 7-1-02)