For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   "ALTERATION." Any construction, addition, modification, moving, or destruction which would significantly affect the exterior appearance and historic character of a structure which is located in a historic district.
   "APPLICANT." The recorded owner of the site and/or buildings located thereon, the lessee thereof or a person holding a bona fide contract to purchase or lease the same.
   "BOARD." The Board of Appeals charged with enforcement of the building regulations under Chapter 150 of this code and which shall serve as the administrative body for architectural review established herein.
   "CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS." That document evidencing approval for work proposed by an applicant in accordance with this chapter.
   "CONSTRUCTION." The erection of any on-site improvements on any parcel of ground located within a historic district, whether the site is presently improved, unimproved, or hereafter becomes unimproved by demolition, demolition by neglect, destruction of the improvements located thereon by fire, windstorm, or other casualty, or otherwise.
   "DEMOLITION." The complete or partial removal of a structure located within a historic district, except partial destruction which does not substantially affect exterior appearance.
   "DEMOLITION BY NEGLECT." Neglect in the maintenance of any building resulting in deterioration to the extent that the building is structurally or visually damaged or threatened with damage, or that creates or permits a hazardous or unsafe condition. DEMOLITION BY NEGLECT shall be governed by the provisions of Chapter 150 Building Regulations of this code and all repairs or other remedial measures to structures within a historic district shall comply with both Chapter 150 and this chapter.
   "EXISTING NON-CONTRIBUTING STRUCTURE." An existing building or structure as of the effective date of this chapter which has been so substantially altered in its exterior aspect from its original historic character that it no longer contributes to the historic area in the determination of the Board.
   "HISTORIC DISTRICT." Any area designated according to the procedures established herein, including both single and multiple property areas. An area designated as a historic district shall be designated with an H-1 overlay on the zoning map of the city but shall otherwise comply with all other aspects of city zoning requirements.
   "STRUCTURE." Anything constructed or erected above ground level which requires location on the ground or attachment to the ground, but not including a tent or similar temporary object, vehicle, vegetation or landscaping, or any municipal or public utilities, streets, sidewalks or other public improvements.
(Ord. 2002-10, passed 7-1-02)