§ 157.082  MOBILE HOMES.
   (A)   A mobile home as permitted on a lot of record other than in a mobile home park in those zoning districts where they are designated as a conditional use if it may be shown that no mobile home park facilities are available within reasonable proximity and that all other provisions of this and other city ordinances and state law pertaining to mobile homes are satisfied, and providing that they conform to all regulations established for principal buildings in those districts.  Such permission must be secured from the Planning Commission and is subject to termination after reasonable notice when adequate facilities within a lawful mobile home park become available. The Planning Commission shall decide the availability of lawful mobile home park space, as intended by this section.
   (B)   A single mobile home shall be permitted on a lot in addition to an existing dwelling provided the area requirement of 2,500 square feet for the mobile home and a minimum of 6,500 square feet shall remain for the existing dwelling, shall be met.
   (C)   This section shall not be construed as to prohibit the location or storage of a single mobile home on a lot in addition to a principal building or dwelling unit in the lot, provided the mobile home is parked on the rear of the lot and the setback and yard requirements for an accessory building in the zone are observed and provided that the mobile home is not connected to any service utility nor used for sleeping purposes for more than two weeks per year.
(Ord. 920.2, passed 12-21-71)  Penalty, see § 157.999