§ 157.063  USE EXCEPTIONS.
   Several types of structures and uses which may or may not be listed as permitted uses in any district are nevertheless not prohibited from any district.  These structures and uses, with required permits, are as follows.
   (A)   No building permit or certificate of occupancy shall be required for any of the following uses:
      (1)   Local public utility distributing and collecting structures such as pipes and transmission lines, transformers, meters, and the like.  Large utility structures such as substations are permitted only as conditional uses.
      (2)   Public streets and all appurtenances necessary for traffic direction and safety.
      (3)   Private drives, private parking areas, and the parking of vehicles incidental to the principal use on the same premises.
      (4)   Real estate signs located on the premises being advertised for sale or for rent, not to exceed a total of ten square feet in sign area.
      (5)   Signs not over four square feet in area identifying permitted home occupations on the same premises.
      (6)   Horticulture and landscaping of any premises.
      (7)   Agriculture, but not including agricultural structures.
   (B)   A building permit shall be required for all advertising signs or structures.  No certificate of occupancy shall be required.  All signs shall meet the standards set forth within the individual districts except as provided in divisions (A)(4) and (A)(5) of this section.
(Ord. 920.1, passed  -  -  )  Penalty, see § 157.999