(A)   The I-2 Heavy Industrial District is created for use in those areas of the community where it is deemed desirable to locate the following types of industry which normally require larger land areas or create greater traffic volumes and other conditions which are incompatible with other types of uses.
      (1)   Animal hospital.
      (2)   Any use permitted in the I-1 Light Industrial District.
      (3)   Manufacturing, fabricating, or processing of any commodity.
      (4)   Retail sale of any commodity manufactured, fabricated, or processed on the premises, or of any commodity designed especially for use in agriculture, mining, industry, business, transportation, or construction.
      (5)   Wholesale or storage of any article.
   (B)   Accessory structures and uses permitted.  Accessory structures and uses permitted in this district are:
      (1)   Dwelling units for caretakers or watchmen employed by industrial firms.
      (2)   Garages and other buildings and uses accessory to the principal use.
   (C)   Special regulations.  There shall be no outdoor storage, display, or processing of products in any I-2 Heavy Industrial District unless authorized as a conditional use.  All structures accessory to an outdoor conditional use shall be located at least 25 feet from the front lot line.
   (D)   Conditional uses.  The following uses shall require a conditional use permit according to the procedure in § 157.104.
      (1)   Aboveground storage of gasoline, oil, and alcohol in excess of 500 gallons.
      (2)   Alcoholic beverages, ammonia, bleaches, and chemicals.
      (3)   Boiler and tank works.
      (4)   Brick, pottery, terra-cotta, and tile.
      (5)   Coke ovens.
      (6)   Commercial explosives (including storage).
      (7)   Disinfectants, dyes, and fertilizers.
      (8)   Distillation plants for coal, wood, and tar.
      (9)   Establishments that cure, tan, or store raw hides or skins.
      (10)   Fat rendering plants.
      (11)   Foundries and metal fabrication plants.
      (12)   Illuminating or heating gases (including storage).
      (13)   Junk and scrap yards.
      (14)   Linseed oil, paint, oil, turpentine, varnish, soap, and tar products.
      (15)   Mixing plants for manufacture of cement, mortar, plaster, or paving materials.
      (16)   Plants for the manufacture of acetylene, acid, or alcohol.
      (17)   Slaughterhouses and stockyards.
      (18)   Wrecking yards.
      (19)   Other similar uses possessing characteristics that could be detrimental to adjacent property values, dangerous, or offensive or that possess other characteristics that would be a nuisance to the residents of the city.
   (E)   Dimension and area regulations for lots and structures.  The regulations on the dimensions and area for lots and structures are set forth in the schedule of dimension and area regulations contained in the appendix to this chapter.  The applicable regulations shall be observed in all I-2 Heavy Industrial Districts.
(Ord. 920.l, passed  -  -  )  Penalty, see § 157.999