(A)   Uses permitted.  The following uses shall be permitted in the I-1 Light Industrial District:
      (1)   The manufacture, fabrication, or processing of any commodity except the following commodities.  For purposes of this division, the symbol “A” shall mean primary manufacture, fabrication, or processing.  “B” shall mean secondary manufacture.
         Abrasives - A
         Alcoholic products - distillation
         Animal products - A
         Bone black
         Carbon black, lamp black - A
         Charcoal - A
         Chemicals, heavy or industrial - B
         Cinder or clay products - A
         Coal or coke, including retail sale of coal
         Concrete and concrete products - B
         Detergents, soaps, and by-products using animal fats - A
         Electric power generation
         Explosives, commercial - B
         Fermented fruit and vegetable products - A
         Gases other than nitrogen and oxygen - A
         Gasoline, oil, or alcohol storage aboveground in excess of 500 gallons
         Glass - A
         Glue and size - A
         Gypsum and other forms of plaster base - A
         Insulation, inflammable type - B
         Junk, scrap metal, rags, bones, and other scrap material
         Matches - A
         Meats, slaughtering or packing
         Metals, extraction or melting
         Metal ingots, pigs, sand casting, sheets, or bars - A
         Oils and fats, animal and vegetable - A
         Paints, pigments, enamels, japans, lacquers, putties, varnishes, whitings, and wood fillers - B
         Paper pulp and cellulose - A
         Paraffin, petroleum, or petroleum products - B
         Portland and similar cements - A
         Rubber manufacturing, processing, or reclaiming
         Sawmill or planing mill products
         Serums, toxins, and viruses - A
         Turpentine - A
         Wax and wax products - A
         Wood preserving by creosoting or other pressure impregnation of wood by preservatives
         Wrecking yard
      (2)   Repair, rental, and servicing of any commodity the manufacture, fabrication, processing, warehousing, or sale of which is permitted in this zone.
      (3)   Retail sale of any commodity manufactured, processed, fabricated, or warehoused only on the premises; and equipment, supplies, and materials designed especially for use in agriculture, mining, industry, business, transportation, building, and other construction.
      (4)   Wholesale or storage of any commodity except live animals, commercial explosives, or junk.
      (5)   Offices.
      (6)   Restaurants.
      (7)   Outdoor commercial advertising.
      (8)   All advertising signs or structures permitted in the B-1 Central Business District.  Signs identifying the industrial activity on the same premises may, if written approval is acquired according to § 157.060, be used, provided no sign exceeds a total area of 100 square feet and all setback and other yard requirements established for accessory buildings in industrial districts are observed.
   (B)   Accessory structures and uses permitted.  Accessory structures and uses permitted in this district are:
      (1)   Dwelling units for caretakers or watchmen employed by industrial firms.
      (2)   Garages and other buildings and uses accessory to the principal use.
   (C)   Special regulations.  There shall be no outdoor storage, display, or processing of products in the I-1 Light Industrial District unless authorized as a conditional use.  All structures accessory to an outdoor conditional use shall be located at least 25 feet from the front lot line.
   (D)   Conditional uses.  Uses permitted as conditional uses for this district are:
      (1)   Heavy industry.
      (2)   Outdoor storage, display, or processing.
      (3)   Planned-development projects for industrial use only. The procedure in § 157.051 shall be followed.
   (E)   Dimension and area regulations for lots and structures.  The regulations on the dimensions and area for lots and structures are set forth in the schedule of dimension and area regulations contained in the appendix to this chapter.  The applicable regulations shall be observed in all I-1 Light Industrial Districts.
(Ord. 920.1, passed  -  -  )  Penalty, see § 157.999