(A)   The B-3 Neighborhood Business District is established to provide locations for neighborhood businesses supplying convenience goods and services required by the neighborhood residents.  No use permitted in this zone shall be dangerous, offensive, or detrimental to the neighborhood businesses and residences by reason of the emission of dust, gas, smoke, noise, fumes, odors, vibrations, or otherwise.
   (B)   Uses permitted.  The following uses shall be permitted in the B-3 Neighborhood Business District:
      (1)   Apparel shops.
      (2)   Appliance sales and services.
      (3)   Bakery shops employing not more than five persons on the premises.
      (4)   Banks and other financial institutions, including loan and finance companies.
      (5)   Barbershops.
      (6)   Beauty shops.
      (7)   Candy, nut, and confectionery stores.
      (8)   Drugstores.
      (9)   Gasoline service stations, not including automobile repairing.
      (10)   Grocery stores.
      (11)   Hardware stores.
      (12)   Health clinics.
      (13)   Hobby shops.
      (14)   Insurance offices.
      (15)   Jewelry stores.
      (16)   Professional offices such as medical, dental, and real estate.
      (17)   Radio and television sales, service, and repair shops.
      (18)   Restaurants, grills, cafes, and similar eating establishments.
      (19)   Shoe repair shops.
      (20)   Shoe stores.
      (21)   Studios for professional work or teaching of any form of fine arts, photography, music, drama, or dance.
      (22)   Theaters.
      (23)   Variety stores.
      (24)   All signs permitted in B-1 Central Business Districts.
   (C)   Accessory uses permitted.  Accessory uses permitted in this district are customary uses incidental to a use permitted in division (B), except outdoor storage.
   (D)   Uses prohibited.  Any use not listed in division (B) of this section is prohibited.
   (E)   Special regulations.  There shall be no outdoor storage or display of merchandise, and no outdoor processing or services shall be rendered unless authorized as a conditional use.  All structures accessory to an outdoor conditional use shall be located at least 35 feet from front lot lines.
   (F)   Conditional uses.  Uses permitted as conditional uses for this district are outdoor storage, display, processing, or services rendered.  Uses not permitted in the B-3 Neighborhood Business District shall not be permitted in a Planned-Development project within a B-3 General Business District.
   (G)   Dimension and area regulations for lots and structures.  The regulations on the dimensions and area are set forth in the schedule of dimension and area regulations contained in the appendix to this chapter.  The applicable regulations shall be observed in B-3 Neighborhood Business Districts.
(Ord. 920.1, passed  -  -  ; Am. Ord. 2007-6, passed 2-5-07)  Penalty, see § 157.999