(A)   Existing off-street parking provided for any building or use at the time of adoption of this chapter shall not thereafter be reduced if the reduction results in parking area less than that required by this chapter.  Any existing building or use not provided with conforming parking space shall be provided with off-street parking space in conformance with this chapter at the time of expansion of the use.
   (B)   When any building is built or any use of land is initiated, there shall be provided sufficient off-street parking space on the premises so that no automobile parking on any street will result from the normal activity.  If the off-street parking capacity is exceeded and street parking is generated more often than six times during a six- month period, this shall be considered as resulting from normal activity and additional off-street parking shall be provided.  The Board of Zoning Adjustment shall interpret the amount of parking space required for any building or use, assisted by the following standards, whenever the Administrative Officer is unable to apply the following standards literally or determine a parking space deficiency according to the standard above.  In either case, he shall apply to the Board for an original interpretation.
   (C)   For the purpose of this chapter, an off-street parking space shall consist of a space adequate for parking an automobile with room for opening doors on both sides, together with properly related access to a public street or alley and maneuvering room.  Required off-street parking areas for three or more automobiles shall have individual spaces marked and shall be so designed, maintained, and regulated that no parking  or maneuvering incidental to parking shall be on any public street, walk, or alley, and so that any automobile may be parked and
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   (D)   Off-street parking space required for any building or use may be detached from but located within walking distance of 400 feet from the premises it serves, and may be consolidated into a large parking area serving other buildings and uses if approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment.  The Administrative Officer shall apply to the Board for an original interpretation when building permits are requested in these cases.  The Board may not authorize the total amount of parking space required for all buildings and uses to be diminished except as follows.  If a consolidated parking area serves buildings or uses which do not generate automobile parking at the same times, such as churches and stores, total parking space may be diminished to the maximum required by those buildings and uses which do generate the parking of automobiles at the same time.
   (E)   The Board of Zoning Adjustment may require a plat, deed, and any other proof necessary to show that required parking space, if located off the premises it serves, is controlled by and available to the applicant for a building permit.
   (F)   Parking spaces and the access thereto shall be surfaced in a manner adequate to eliminate dust and mud.
(Ord. 920.1, passed  -  -  )  Penalty, see § 157.999