(A)   Mobile home parks shall be permitted only on Type I and II land.  All mobile home parks shall include lots for at least seven mobile homes, but shall not be permitted on an area of less than one and one-half acres.  The developer shall be permitted to develop the park in stages as long as he complies with an overall plan approved by the Planning Commission for the entire tract.  The number of mobile homes permitted in the mobile home park shall not exceed a density of ten mobile homes per net acre.  A net acre is that land to be subdivided into lots after streets and other requirements and improvements have been installed.
   (B)   The applicant for a mobile home park must submit a preliminary and final plat in compliance with this chapter.  The final plat shall also show the following information:
      (1)   A plat of the entire park property.
      (2)   Subdivision of the property, including all streets, dimensions of streets and lots, access to public streets, and public areas, such as visitors parking spaces, recreational areas, swimming pools, and the like, if these areas are proposed.
      (3)   Location and layout of all utilities, including pipe sizes, meter locations, valves, fire hydrants, sanitary sewer connections, manholes, and connections to the existing public utilities.
      (4)   Typical layout of one mobile home lot, showing mobile home location, automobile parking spaces, patio, garbage can receptors, and the like.
      (5)   Location of planting to be provided for landscaping purposes, or as required for protective buffer.
   (C)   The Planning Commission may attach reasonable special conditions to its approval of a mobile home park and may direct the Administrative Officer to issue a building permit when the applicant presents a valid construction permit from the State Department of Health, as required by KRS Chapter 219.  The Administrative Officer shall not issue the building permit until he has received written authorization from the Planning Commission, or Board of Adjustments where the Board has jurisdiction, and until the valid construction permit is presented.
   (D)   The following standards shall apply to mobile homes located in mobile home parks:
      (1)   Lot requirements.  Individual lots within a mobile home park shall not be less than 4,000 square feet in area if connected with a public sewer or 9,000 square feet if not connected with a public sewer.  In no instance shall more than one mobile home be permitted on a single lot.  The minimum lot width shall be 40 feet.
      (2)   Frontage.  All mobile home parks shall front on a public street for at least 100 feet.
      (3)   Setback.  No mobile home or accessory building or structure shall be located closer to any street than the minimum front yard setback for permanent residential structures along the street. However, in no case shall minimum setback be less than 30 feet.
      (4)   Spacing.  No mobile home shall be located closer than 20 feet to another mobile home.
      (5)   Accessory buildings.  No accessory buildings or structures, including patios, shall be located within five feet from any individual lot line.
      (6)   Streets required.  A roadway with a hard surface pavement at least 20 feet wide shall provide direct access to each mobile home lot.  The area occupied by the road shall not fulfill part of the area required for any lot.  All roads shall be designed to enable mobile homes entering the park to reverse direction without having to back more than one mobile home length.
      (7)   Public access.  Each mobile home park shall have at least one street which gives access to a public street.  The access street in either a single mobile home park or adjoining parks shall not be less than 125 feet from an intersection of two or more public streets.
      (8)   Parking.  One paved automobile parking space shall be provided for every mobile home lot, plus one additional parking space for each lot in the mobile home park.  This additional parking space may be placed in a central location, but in no case shall the additional space be more than 150 feet from the mobile home for which it is provided.
      (9)   Utilities.  All lots within the mobile home park shall be provided with water, sewer, and electrical facilities meeting the standards specified by city, county, and state regulations.  Each mobile home shall be properly connected with these utilities.
      (10)   Drainage.  Each mobile home lot and all streets shall be free from flooding and shall be adequately drained so that no mobile home lot shall be subject to the collection of storm water.
      (11)   Other conditions.  The Planning Commission shall attach any other conditions or requirements it deems necessary to ensure the proper development of the mobile home park.
   (E)   These regulations contained in this section shall apply to the expansion of any existing mobile home park, either present at the adoption of this regulation or in the future.
(Ord. 930.1, passed 3-15-71)  Penalty, see § 155.99