(A)   Building area.  The following requirements shall govern the percentage of a residential lot that shall remain in its natural state including no cut or fill, or developed solely for recreational purposes.  These figures shall also apply to nonresidential uses on Type II, III, and IV land.
Land Type
Minimum percent of site to remain in natural state
   (B)   The building site on each lot shall be at least 12 inches above the elevation of the street pavement, unless the Planning Commission determines that because of natural or man-made drainage systems, the building site is completely free from flooding. No building site shall be constructed to create or increase a flooding condition.
   (C)   Emergency access.  Each building site shall be so situated that access can be provided for emergency vehicles.
   (D)   Use of cuts and fills.  Major cuts, excavation, grading, and filling where this materially changes the site and its relationship with surrounding areas or materially affects these areas, shall not be permitted if the excavation, grading, and filling will result in a slope exceeding a vertical rise of one foot for each two feet of horizontal distance between abutting lots or between adjoining tracts of land, except where adequate provision is made to prevent slides and erosion by cribbing and retaining walls.
      (1)   Any fill use on a building site shall be free of all debris and foreign matter and compacted to 90% of maximum density at its optimum moisture content.
      (2)   The foundation shall be built upon solid, undisturbed material and not upon the fill.
      (3)   In cuts, all tree stumps, boulders, organic material, soft clay, and spongy and other objectionable material shall be removed to a depth of at least two feet below the natural ground surface.  This objectionable matter, as well as similar matter from cuts, shall be removed from the site area and disposed of in a manner so that it will not become incorporated in fills or hinder proper operation of the drainage system.  The fill material shall be free from trash and other foreign objects.
      (4)   Buildings shall be no closer than five feet from the base of a slope.
   (E)   Where construction takes place on Type IV land, the Planning Commission shall review all construction plans of all improvements and make necessary improvements and changes.
(Ord. 930.l, passed 3-15-71)  Penalty, see § 155.99