§ 155.54  SIDEWALKS.
   (A)   For the safety of pedestrians in residential and commercial subdivisions, the subdivider shall build portland cement sidewalks within the street right-of-way on both sides of the street to meet the following specifications:
      (1)   Required width and depth.
Width of Sidewalks (Feet)
Depth of Sidewalks (Inches)
Single-family or duplex housing developments
Multi-family developments
Commercial developments
      (2)   Sidewalks along marginal access streets.  Where a marginal access road parallels an arterial street, the Planning Commission may waive the requirements of sidewalks along the arterial street and on the inside of the marginal access street. Sidewalks shall be required on the outside of the marginal access street.
      (3)   Sidewalks within five feet of the pavement shall be built at an elevation at or above the elevation of the top of the curb.  In residential areas, the sidewalks shall be constructed at least three feet from the curb.
      (4)   Sidewalk construction where curb and gutters are waived.  Sidewalks shall be constructed between the ditch and the right-of-way line where curb and gutters have been waived as provided in § 155.53 (E)(2).  The sidewalks shall be built at least two feet from the ditch line and shall not be built in the ditch, so as to impede the flow of water in the ditch, or as to cause erosion or flooding.  Sidewalks closer than five feet from the pavement shall be at an elevation greater than that of the street pavement.
      (5)   Sidewalks in Type II, III, and IV land.  Sidewalks in Type II, III, and IV land shall not necessarily follow or parallel the street.  Sidewalks may follow other contours and shall be constructed as to have minimum effect on the natural surroundings.  Where provided, however, sidewalks shall serve all developable lots.
   (B)   The Planning Commission may waive the requirement of sidewalks in single-family unit developments where it is shown that sidewalks are not needed for the safety of pedestrians and where lots are at least 100 feet wide at the building line.
(Ord. 930.1, passed 3-15-71)  Penalty, see § 155.99