§ 155.39  EASEMENTS.
   (A)   Except where alleys are permitted for the purpose, the Planning Commission shall require easements at least 12 feet in width centered along all rear lot lines in Type I land, and either along all rear lot lines or along the street right-of-way in Type II, III, or IV land for poles, wires, conduits, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, gas mains, water mains, heat mains, and other utility facilities.  Where necessary or advisable, in the opinion of the Planning Commission, similar easements shall be provided alongside lot lines for access.
   (B)   If a stream flows through or adjacent to the proposed subdivision, the plat plan shall provide for an easement or right-of- way along the stream for a floodway.  For smaller streams, the plan shall also provide for channel improvement to enable them to carry all reasonable floods within banks.  The flood elevations of houses shall be high enough to be well above the extraordinary flood. The floodway easement shall be wide enough to provide for future enlargement of the stream channel as adjacent areas become more highly developed and runoff rates are increased.
   (C)   When necessary, utility and drainage easements shall connect with existing easements on adjoining properties.
(Ord. 930.1, passed 3-15-71)  Penalty, see § 155.99