§ 155.35  BLOCKS.
   (A)   Block lengths shall not exceed 1,200 feet or be less than 400 feet, except as the Planning Commission considers necessary to secure efficient use of land or desired features of street layout.  On Type II, III, and IV land, this provision shall apply where feasible. Where topographical conditions warrant, this provision may be waived.
   (B)   Blocks over 750 feet in length shall have a midblock walk near the center of the block connecting the streets on either side of the long block.  The right-of-way for these walks shall not be less than five feet in width.
   (C)   Blocks shall be wide enough to allow two tiers of lots of minimum depth.  However, where this would require lots to front on an arterial street or highway, or the size of the property prevents two tiers of lots, the Planning Commission may approve a single tier of lots of minimum depth.
(Ord. 930.1, passed 3-15-71)  Penalty, see § 155.99