A.   Installation of a manufactured home, commercial coach or modular home shall require a setting permit issued by the City.
   B.   No manufactured home, commercial coach or modular building shall be placed that has not been constructed to withstand a minimum forty (40) pound per square foot roof load, or the owner has provided for a separate roof cover that is constructed to provide the required roof load, except that manufactured homes that are already installed in a location within the City limits at the time of the passage of this section may remain without having to meet the minimum roof load set forth herein. Any manufactured home allowed to remain under this section may be moved to a different location within the City limits without having to meet the forty (40) pound roof load providing that it meets all City of Hayden zoning requirements. Construction shall be designed in accordance with R301.2.3 of the International Residential Code.
   C.   The City may require that applications for mobile/manufactured homes include plans and specifications which show the footings and foundation to be in conformance with the manufacturer's specifications or within the provisions of Idaho Code title 44, chapter 22. The application shall also be accompanied by a site plan. All mobile/manufactured homes and buildings must be installed in accordance with all other applicable State laws pertaining to utility connection requirements. (Ord. 577, 1-9-2018)