2-1-4: MEETINGS:
   A.   Regular Meetings: The planning and zoning commission shall conduct its regular meetings in accordance with a continuing resolution adopting a schedule for such meetings until or unless changed by the commission or by direction of the city council. Regular meetings shall conform to the requirements established by state law. In addition to regular meetings, special meetings may be conducted on an "as needed" basis in compliance with the open meeting law.
   B.   Records Of Proceedings: Records of the activities and proceedings of the commission shall be maintained by the city clerk in accordance with state law. All public hearings and proceedings relating to quasi-judicial matters shall be tape recorded such that a verbatim transcription can be produced.
   C.   Open To Public: All meetings and records shall be open to the public in accordance with provisions of the state open meeting law. (Ord. 559, 7-12-2016)