A.   It is unlawful for any person to discharge a firearm within the city limits of the city of Hayden, Idaho; provided, however, that this prohibition shall not apply to law enforcement officers and Idaho state fish and game officers in the discharge of their duties. Military honor guards performing at funerals or memorial services, or at public events, and performers in theatrical productions or firearms demonstrations may, with the permission of the city administrator or his designee, discharge firearms using blanks.
      1.   A person may discharge a firearm on properties that are zoned to allow agricultural use, if discharge of the firearm is for the purpose of slaughtering animals raised on the property for the purpose of human consumption and the person discharging the firearm complies with the following conditions:
         a.   The discharge of the firearm is aimed away from persons, vehicles, roadways, buildings constructed for human occupancy, and other animals; and
         b.   The person discharging the firearm provides prior notice to the law enforcement agency for the city.
      2.   A person discharging a firearm in the lawful defense of person or persons or property.
      3.   A person lawfully discharging a firearm on a sport shooting range as defined in section 55-2604, Idaho Code. (Ord. 541, 12-23-2014)
   B.   It is unlawful for any person to discharge any weapon which will, or is designed to, expel a projectile, including a bow and arrow, within the city limits for the purpose of hunting wildlife. This prohibition does not include the use of a slingshot. For the purposes of this section, the definitions of hunting and wildlife provided in title 36, chapter 2, Idaho Code shall apply. (Ord. 528, 8-27-2013)