A.   It is unlawful for any person for personal, business or professional purposes, to use a sound amplification device outside a structure when that device can be heard inside any structure adjacent to the property on which the sound amplification device is being used, except when the sound amplification device is used as part of a parade or in a city park and the person using the device has obtained a permit from the city or the event for which the device is used is sponsored by the city. The applicant shall apply five (5) days prior to the outside use of the device, which application shall be in writing and filed with the city clerk. Said application shall state the location of the intended use, the purpose of the use, the maximum decibel level of the amplification, and the time of the intended use. This application is without charge to the applicant. The mayor shall approve the permit, approve the permit with conditions, or deny the permit. The notification of denial of the permit shall include the reason for the denial and shall also notify the applicant of his or her right to a hearing before the city council.
   B.   Any person providing false or misleading information on the application regarding the intended use or who violates the terms of any permit issued pursuant to this chapter is in violation of this chapter and, in addition to the penalties provided, will be ineligible to apply for a sound amplification permit in the future. (Ord. 437, 9-11-2007)