Every person who desires to subdivide land shall furnish a plat of the proposed subdivision, except that the resubdivision of already platted tracts that are less than one acre and which are contiguous with each other, for the purpose of increasing or reducing the size of such contiguous tracts, but not less than the minimum standard size required by the village, shall not require a plat of said resubdivision provided that a certificate of survey setting forth the legal description of tracts resulting from such resubdivision shall be filed with the commission, the county clerk and the county assessor of Dona Ana County and such filing shall be considered as a rededication of said described lots in all respects. The plat shall refer to permanent monuments and shall accurately describe each lot, number each lot in progression, give its dimensions and the dimensions of all land dedicated for public use or for use of the owners of lots fronting or adjacent to the land. Description of the lots by number and plat designation are valid in conveyances and for the purpose of taxation. (Ord. 319 § 9, 2003)