(a)   Any police officer of the City of Hart Police Department may authorize the removal and towing away of any motor vehicle illegally parked in the City of Hart. The motor vehicle may be impounded with such persons as the City of Hart may designate from time to time.
   (b)   The City of Hart Police Department shall maintain a record of the following regarding the impounded motor vehicle: color, year of manufacture, model, vehicle identification number, license plate number, date of towing, and location and reason for impoundment. The failure to maintain such record shall not affect the validity of any action taken under the other provisions of this section.
   (c)   Except in the event the impounded motor vehicle is sold or otherwise disposed of as provided by law, the owner shall be entitled to reclaim the motor vehicle from the City of Hart by exhibiting proof of ownership and paying all towing, storage and other fees incidental to its impoundment.
(Ord. 130. Passed 10-24-78.)