EDITOR'S NOTE: On November 5, 1946, the voters of the Village of Hart, Michigan, elected to incorporate the Village into the City of Hart, and at the same election the following were elected as the Charter Commission for the purpose of drafting a proposed Charter to be submitted to the qualified electors: I.B. Dayharsh, Kenneth Taylor, Claude Stover, William Worthy, L.P. Munger, Stewart J. Roche, Howard Steen, Virgil Powers and Wilson Beam.
   The original Charter was submitted at a special election and on August 12, 1947, passed by a vote of 334 in favor of the Charter and 103 against.
   On April 2, 1972, the voters of the City of Hart voted to revise the original Charter and elected the following Charter Revision Commissioners: Donald Hansen, Clarence Aerts, Michael Powers, Dorothy Nienhuis, Pauline Barker, Allan Seyfred, Donald Weaver, Bert Stevens and Theodore Schaner.
   This Commission, together with its ex-officio members, George VonDrak, City Manager and Walter Urick, City Attorney, prepared the revised Charter and submitted it to the qualified electors of the City of Hart on April 7, 1975, at which time the Charter was adopted by a vote of 292 for to 90 against.
   Dates appearing in parentheses following a section heading in the Table of Contents, and following a section in the text, indicate that the section was enacted or amended on the date given.