For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning:
   (a)   "City" means the City of Hart.
   (b)   "Direct supervision" means the direct visual observation of the operator with the unaided or normally correct eye, where the observer is able to come to the immediate aid of the operator.
   (c)   "Driver's license" means any driving privileges, license, temporary instruction permit or temporary license issued under the laws of any state, territory or possession of the United States, Indian country as defined in 18 USC 1151, the District of Columbia, and the Dominion of Canada pertaining to the licensing of persons to operate motor vehicles.
   (d)   "Maintained portion" means that portion of road, improved, designated, and/or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic, including the gravel shoulder or paved shoulder of the road.
   (e)   "Operate" means to ride in or on and be in actual physical control of the operation of an ORV/ATV.
   (f)   "Operator" means a person who operates or is in actual physical control of the operation of an ORV/ATV.
   (g)   "ORV" or, unless the context implies a different meaning, a "vehicle" means a motor driven off-road recreation vehicle capable of cross country travel without benefit of a road or trail, on or immediately over land, snow, ice, marsh, swampland, or other natural terrain. A multitrack or multiwheel drive vehicle, a motorcycle or related 2 wheel vehicle, a vehicle with 4 or more wheels, a golf cart, an amphibious machine, a ground effect air cushion vehicle, or other means of transportation may be an ORV. An ATV is an ORV. "ORV" or "vehicle" does not include a registered snowmobile, a farm vehicle being used for farming, a vehicle used for military, fire, emergency, or law enforcement purposes, a vehicle owned and operated by a utility company or an oil or gas company when performing maintenance on its facilities or on property over which it has an easement, a construction or logging vehicle used in performance of its common function, or a registered aircraft. An "ORV" does not include a three-wheeler, dune buggy, or a sandrail.
   (h)   "Safety certificate" means a certificate issued pursuant to 1994 Public Act 451, as amended, M.C.L.A. Sec. 324.1129, or a comparable ORV safety certificate issued under the authority of another state or a province of Canada.
   (i)   "Street" means a city major street or city local street as described in Section 9 of 1951 Public Act 51, M.C.L.A. Sec. 247.659, or a segment thereof.
(Ord. 2020-01. Passed 3-11-20.)