(a)   Certification Process.
      (1)     Immediately upon receipt of written request for certification, the Commission shall certify to the appointing authority from the eligibility list most nearly appropriate, the names, addresses, and ranks of the persons standing highest on such appropriate eligibility list. If there be more than one vacancy to be filled, the number of names to be certified shall be determined in the following manner:
         A.     For one vacancy, add nine to the number of vacancies.*
         B.     For two vacancies, add ten  to the number of vacancies.*
         C.     For three vacancies, add eleven to the number of vacancies.*
            *If the sum of these numbers is greater than those available to be certified, certify the number available.  (Ord. 8-97.  Passed 5-8-97.)
      (2)     Every time a group is considered, one of the group must be appointed unless the appointing authority determines to make no further appointments during the life of the eligibility list.  However, the appointing authority is entitled to have at least three of those eligible persons who are qualified and willing to accept employment.  In the event that there are not at least three (3) eligible persons who have obtained passing scores on all components of the required entrance examination, the appointing authority may request a new eligibility list in accordance with Section 145.08(a)(1).
     (b)     Notice of Certification. Written notice of certification directing the persons certified to report for an entrance examination interview with the appointing officer shall be mailed to them at the same time the certification is submitted to the appointing department.
     (c)     Notice of Result of Employment Interview. After interviewing each eligible candidate certified, the appointing authority shall report to the Commission the outcome of each interview. If not selected after being certified three times, those eligible persons will be removed from the eligibility list and so notified by the Commission.
     (d)     Cancellation of Certifications. If at any time after eligible persons have been certified by the Commission, at a request of an appointing authority, the appointing authority decides not to fill the vacancy, or decides to fill the vacancy by other methods which meet with the approval of the Commission, the certification shall be canceled, the eligible group so notified and an entry made on the minutes of the Commission recording the action taken and the reasons thereof.
     (e)     Provisional Appointment. Whenever there are urgent reasons for filling a vacancy and the Commission is unable, upon requisition, to certify a list of persons eligible for appointment after competitive examination, the appointing officer may, with the approval of the Commission, nominate a qualified person for provisional appointment. This appointment can be made from an eligibility list which shall be prepared by the Commission within 90 calendar days thereafter.
     (f)       Emergency Appointments. In case of an emergency that requires the employment of extra persons without delay, an appointment may be made without regard to these rules. In no case shall such an appointment continue longer than 30 calendar days, and in no case shall successive appointments follow directly upon one another. An emergency appointment shall be promptly reported to the Commission, with reasons thereof. The right to inquire into the nature of the emergency is reserved to the Commission.
     (g)     Temporary Appointments. Whenever a department requires temporary assistance because of a special project or temporary increase in the workload, temporary appointments can be made for the duration of the leave of absence. The acceptance or rejection by an eligible individual of a temporary appointment shall not affect his his/her standing on the eligibility list nor shall the period of temporary service be counted as part of the probationary service in case of subsequent permanent appointment.
     (h)     Review of Examination Papers by Appointing Officers. Any appointing authority or their authorized representative shall be privileged to examine the papers of applicants, should this be desired in connection with determining the relative fitness of persons under consideration for appointment.  (Ord.  7-19.  Passed 3-5-19.)