Every lot hereafter used as a public or private parking area including a public parking lot and also a motor vehicle or recreational vehicle sales lot shall be reviewed and approved by the Director of Zoning, and developed and maintained in accordance with the following requirements:
   A.   Screening and/or Landscaping
      1.   Whenever a parking area is located in or adjacent to a residential district or lot used for residential purposes, it shall be effectively screened on all sides which adjoin or face any property used for residential purposes by an acceptably designed wall, fence, or planting screen.  Refer to Section 1167.03 for screening and landscaping requirements.
      2.   In the event that terrain or other natural features are such that the erection of such fence, wall, or planting screen will not serve the intended purpose, then no such fence, wall, or planting screen and landscaping may be required.
      3.   For nonresidential uses abutting an “R” District the minimum side and rear  yard setback may be reduced to fifty (50%) percent of the requirements stated in Section 1143.12, if acceptable landscaping or screening approved by the Planning Commission is provided.
      4.   The owner of the property and any tenant on the property where required screening/landscaping is located shall be jointly and severally responsible for the maintenance of all landscape materials.  Such maintenance shall include all actions necessary to keep plantings healthy and orderly in appearance and to keep walls, fences, and berms in good repair and neat appearance.
   B.   Minimum Setbacks for Parking Areas
      1.   In no case shall any part of a parking area be closer than twelve and a half feet (12.5') to any established street or alley right-of-way, or any side or rear lot line. 
      2.   No part of any parking area shall be closer than twenty-five feet (25') to any dwelling, school, hospital, nursing home, or other institution for human care located on an adjoining lot, unless separated by appropriate screening as defined in Section 1159.09A. of this Ordinance.
   C.   Interior Parking Area Landscaping.  Refer to Section 1167.07.
      (Ord. 46-01.  Passed 11-6-01.)
   D.   Surface.
      1.   The  required number of parking and loading spaces as set forth in Sections 1159.02 and 1159.08, and together with driveways, aisles, and other circulation areas, shall be surfaced with a concrete  or bituminous concrete. The resulting impervious surface ratio of the total lot, in all residential zoning districts, shall not exceed 40% with the maximum front yard impervious surface ratio not to exceed 35% of the front yard area.
      2.   Existing conditions not in conformance with the above requirements shall be considered as existing legal non-conforming uses.  Upon removal and/or alteration of the legal non-conforming use, the conditions set forth in Chapter 1155 apply.  (Ord. 12-09.  Passed 4-7-09.)
   E.   Drainage
All parking and loading areas shall provide for proper drainage of surface water to prevent the drainage of such water onto adjacent properties or walkways.  These areas shall be so graded and drained as to dispose of all surface water accumulated within the area and shall be so arranged and marked as to provide for orderly and safe loading or unloading and parking and storage of self-propelled vehicles.
   F.   Lighting
Fixed lighting shall comply with the provisions contained in Section 1159.10 and be so arranged to prevent direct glare of beams onto any public or private property or street.
   G.   Maintenance
The owner of property used for parking and/or loading shall maintain such area in good condition without holes and free of all dust, trash, and other debris.