In addition to all yard regulations specified in Section 1143.12 and in other Sections of this Ordinance, the provisions of Section 1147.10, inclusive, shall be used for interpretation and clarification.
   A.    Setback Requirements for Corner Buildings.
         On a corner lot, the principal building and its accessory structures shall be required to have the same setback distance from all street right-of-way lines as required for the front yard in the district in which such structures are located (refer to Illustration A). The principal building shall have two (2) front yards and two (2) side yards.
   B.    Visibility at Intersections.
On a corner lot at the intersection of two (2) alleys, or at the intersection of an alley and a street within any district, nothing shall be installed, erected, placed, planted, or allowed to grow in such manner as to impede vision materially between a height of two and a half feet (2-1/2) and ten feet (10') above the center line grades of the intersecting alleys or of the intersecting alley and street in the area bounded by the right-of-way lines of such corner lots and a line joining points along said alley lines, or alley and street lines fifty feet (50') from the point of intersection (refer to Illustration B).
   C.    Yard Requirements for Multiple-Family Dwellings.
Group or multiple-family dwellings shall be considered as one (1) building for the purpose of determining front, side, and rear yard requirements. The entire group as a unit shall require one (1) front, one (1) rear, and two (2) side yards as specified for dwellings in the appropriate district. Each individual building shall meet all yard requirements for the appropriate district as though it were on an individual lot. Yards abutting residential districts shall meet the requirements of Section 1147.10D.
   D.    Side and Rear Yard Requirements for Non-Residential Uses Abutting Residential Districts.
      1.   Non-residential buildings or uses shall not be located nor conducted closer than the minimums established in Section 1143.12F. to any lot line of a residential district, except that the minimum yard requirements may be reduced to fifty percent (50%) of the requirement if acceptable landscaping or screening approved by the Planning Commission.
      2.   Such screening shall be a masonry or solid fence between four (4') and six (6') feet in height, maintained in good condition, and free of all advertising or other signs.
      3.   Landscaping shall consist of a strip of land not less than twenty feet (20') in width planted with an evergreen hedge or dense planting of evergreen shrubs not less than four feet ( 4') in height at the time of planting. Either type of screening shall not obstruct traffic visibility within fifty feet (50') of an intersection.
      4.    The Director of Zoning or his/her authorized representative or designee shall make periodic inspections and the owner shall be responsible for maintenance of screening/landscaping.
   E.    Exceptions to Height Regulations.
      1.    The height limitations contained in Section 1143.12 do not apply to spires, belfries, cupolas, antennas, water tanks, ventilators, chimneys, or other appurtenances usually required to be placed above the roof level and not intended for human occupancy, except where the height of such structures will constitute a hazard to the safe landing and take-off of aircraft at an established airport.
      2.    No structure shall be constructed in excess of the height that can be safely protected by all available firefighting equipment except where in-structure fire protection is provided.
         (Ord. 26-18.  Passed 7-17-18.)