It is the purpose of Section 1147.06, inclusive of this Ordinance, to regulate accessory uses in order to promote the public health, safety and welfare. It is the intent of this Section to permit such uses to be established and maintained in a manner which makes them compatible with principal uses and harmonious with uses upon adjacent properties. This Section shall apply to the location and maintenance of accessory uses as herein defined. A Zoning Certificate is required.
   A.    General Requirements.
Except as otherwise provided in this Ordinance, an accessory use or structure shall be permitted in association with a principal use or structure provided that:
      1.    The accessory use or structure shall be located on the same lot as the main or principal building, except for off-street parking facilities which may be located elsewhere.
      2.    The accessory use or structure shall not contain or be used as a dwelling unit.
      3.    No detached accessory structure shall exceed 900 sf or the size of the principle structure.The accessory use or structure shall not be more than thirty percent (30%) of lot area. Any floor area covered by a breezeway of a connected accessory building shall be included in this computation. Accessory uses that exceed thirty percent (30%) of a lot area may be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals.
      4.    An attached accessory use or structure shall not exceed the height or size of the principal building. Detached accessory uses shall not exceed fourteen (14) feet in residential districts and twenty-five (25) feet for commercial districts.
      5.    It shall meet all yard requirements of the principal use, except as modified in Section 1143.12.
      6.    Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, a detached accessory building or structure located in the rear yard shall be set back at least five feet (5') from the side and rear lot lines.
      7.    Any accessory building or structure not located in the rear yard shall be an integral part or connected with the principal building to which it is accessory. It shall be placed so as to meet side and front yard requirements for the principal building.
      8.    No detached accessory buildings or structures shall be located in any front or side yard except under unusual circumstances where such activity shall not conflict with the intent and purpose of this Ordinance; or, where enforcement shall result in extreme hardship. Either exception shall require approval of the Director of Zoning or his/her authorized representative and the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   B.    Zoning Certificate.
      1.    Unless specially exempted, all accessory uses, buildings and structures shall require a Zoning Certificate along with payment of applicable fee(s) at the time of application.
      2.    Accessory uses, buildings, or structures for a conditional use or certified nonconforming use require approval by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   C.    Retail Sales and Services as an Accessory Use.
Retail sales and services are permitted as accessory uses when clearly incidental to the principal use. With the exception of restaurants in conjunction with a motel, such uses shall be conducted wholly within the principal building and without exterior advertising or display. These activities shall be conducted solely for the convenience of the employees, patients, patrons, students or visitors, and not for the general retail public. In hospitals and clinics these accessory uses may include drug stores, florists, gift and book shops, and cafeteria institutional settings; in office buildings, hotels, country club houses, and airports, such activities may include gift and book shops, restaurants, cafeterias and coffee shops, lounges, pro shops, and beauty and barber shops.
   D.    Accessory Buildings Used for Storage.
Accessory buildings used for storage shall not include the use of temporary structures including tents, trailers, mobile homes, auto or truck bodies, beds, boxes, POD containers, trailers, truck caps and campers or railroad cars, whether affixed to a permanent foundation or not. Accessory buildings used for storage shall otherwise meet all other zoning setbacks, height, area, and percent of lot coverage requirements for the particular use or district in which located, and shall be maintained in good condition.
   E.   Open/Outside Storage.
Open or outside storage and display of material, merchandise and/or motor vehicles and equipment incidental to permitted or conditional uses shall be permitted subject to locational limitations, height limitations, and effective visual screening, including height type and material, as determined and/or specified by the Director of Zoning or his/her authorized representative after consultation with the Director of Building, Said screening to be no less than six feet (6') in height, shall be maintained in good condition and free of advertising and signs, and shall meet the requirements of Chapter 1167.
      A.    Boats, tractors, trailers, recreation vehicles or other equipment, tools, building materials, and supplies-commercial or residential-may not be parked and/or stored on a residential lot or public street unless they are parked and/or stored in an enclosed structure; however, boats, trailers and recreational vehicles of twenty-four (24) feet or less in length may be parked and/or stored per Section 1147.14.
      B.    Fire places/pits, firewood, grills, patio furniture, play toys, trampolines, hot tubs, and similar items are not permitted in front or side yards and are allowed to be stored in garages or the rear yard only.
         (Ord. 26-18.  Passed 7-17-18.)