A.   The pound officer, a police officer, or such other officer or employee of the city as the city council may authorize:
      1.   Shall take into custody and impound any animal running at large or being kept in violation of any provision of the ordinances of the city; and
      2.   Shall take into custody and impound any animal which is not confined as required in this chapter.
   B.   Animals which are taken into custody as provided in this section shall be sold or destroyed in a humane manner by the officer or employee of the city in charge of such animal, or by the pound officer, after forty eight (48) hours of taking the animal into custody, provided the animal is not redeemed or claimed as provided in this chapter. However, if the impounded animal is licensed, tagged or with a known owner (via collar or tag identification), the animal will be kept one hundred twenty (120) hours before sale or destruction. Notice of the impoundment shall be made as provided in section 4-136 of this chapter. (Prior code § 3-27)
   C.   In the event any animal at large has been injured to such degree that the animal is suffering and it would be inhumane to comply with the holding periods provided for in subsection B of this section, the animal shall be destroyed in order to end the animal's suffering. (Ord. 2015-17, 8-20-2015)