A.   As soon as practicable after any animal has been impounded, the pound officer or other employee or officer impounding the animal shall provide a notice thereof at the police station or city clerk's office. The notice shall describe the animal and the date of impoundment. The notice shall also state that, unless the animal is redeemed, after paying the appropriate charges prior to the number of hours after impoundment required by this chapter, the animal will be sold or destroyed as provided in this chapter. If the dog is licensed, the officer shall notify the owner, as shown by the city license records, either orally or in writing, of the impoundment and sale or destruction if not redeemed in one hundred twenty (120) hours.
   B.   Sales herein provided for shall be for cash and shall be conducted by, or under the direction of the chief of police. If an impounded animal cannot be sold, he shall destroy the animal, or have it destroyed, in a humane manner, or otherwise dispose of it in a legal manner.
   C.   The purchaser of an animal at a sale held as provided herein shall acquire absolute title to the animal purchased.
   D.   The chief of police shall pay to the city clerk all money received from the sale of impounded animals on the day it is received or on the next day upon which the office of the city clerk is open for business. The money shall be deposited in the general fund of the city. (1986 Code)