§ 150.35  SCREENING.
   (A)   Where the side, rear, or service side of property zoned R-3, RM-H, B, or M is adjacent to property zoned R-1, R-2, or R-3, or RT-1, screening of not less than six feet in height shall be erected separating the use from R-1, R-2, R-3, or RT-1 property. Screening shall be erected as the property is developed for use. Screening shall meet the requirements of one of the listed alternates, A, B, or  C, as set forth in § 150.36. No screening shall be required adjacent to a street.
   (B)   For all uses other than R-1, R-2, or RT-1, refuse storage areas shall be visually screened per the regulations found in Chapter 51.
(Ord. 87-20, passed 5-26-87; Am. Ord. 2009-17, passed 6-9-09)  Penalty, see § 150.99