§ 150.32  MATERIAL.
   (A)   Ranch style fencing typical for maintaining livestock and for predator control (such as a field fence, hours mesh fence, split rail, and ranch board) may be used on premises of three acres or more in size. In addition, barbed wire fencing may be used on premises upon which large farm animals are legally kept and maintained. Permits are not required for internal cross-sectioning of such premises for the control of animals, to enforce rotational grazing, or for the repair of ranch style fencing to the extent that it is a necessary part of normal maintenance.
   (B)   Except as provided in division (A), fences may be constructed only of masonry, cedar, redwood, treated lumber, chain link, or decorative iron, and no other materials are permitted unless approved in writing by the Building Official. Wooden fence material placed in contact with the earth shall be treated to protect the material from rot, decay, and termites.
   (C)   (1)   The use of any alternative fence materials must be approved by the Building Official. Such authorization shall be based on specific proposals that demonstrate superior craftsmanship, aesthetic harmony with and enhancement of the streetscape and the neighborhood, structural integrity, durability, safety, and overall design exceeding the standards under § 150.36.
      (2)   Alternative fence materials exceeding six feet in height must be approved in writing by the Director of Planning and Development and the Building Official.
   (D)   All fences must be maintained in good order and repair.
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