§ 120.08  LICENSE FEE.
   (A)   The license fee for a solicitor, a peddler, an itinerant merchant, or an itinerant vendor shall be as set forth in the city's latest fee schedule. Provided, however, when any person, firm, company, partner-ship, corporation, or association engages in any activity mentioned in § 120.03 through one or more agents or employees, such person, firm, company, partnership, corporation, or association shall, in addition to said fee above mentioned, pay a license fee in an amount set forth in the city's fee schedule for each agent or employee so engaged, all of which license shall be valid for one year from the date of their issuance; provided, further, that the license shall be issued to the individual agent or employee and shall not be used by any other agent or employee.
   (B)   The fees herein provided for shall be used for the purposes of defraying expenses incident to the issuing of said licenses.
(Ord. 70-07, passed 8-11-70)