It is difficult to establish a bright line standard for the level of development incentives that may be offered to a business. A determination of the level of incentive, or to provide any incentive at all, will be made on a case by case basis, taking into account the factors set forth in this chapter and other factors relating to the economic development of the city. Some general rules are recognized:
   (A)   Grants, as opposed to loans or in kind services, will generally require a greater level of benefit to the local economy or tax base provided by the business;
   (B)   Provision of increased employment is preferred to increased capital investment alone;
   (C)   Both quantity and quality of jobs is important. Jobs created must be quality full-time jobs. The City Council may require that the average or minimum wages paid in connection with the business meet standards as set forth in the development agreement;
   (D)   The jobs created must be located within the City of Harker Heights or its extraterritorial jurisdiction to be considered;
   (E)   Jobs to be filled by persons actually residing within or to reside within the City of Harker Heights and its surrounding area will be given greater consideration than jobs that may be filled by persons commuting to the city.
(Ord. 2021-20, passed 4-13-21)