(A)   In order to qualify for development incentives of any sort from the city, a business must enter into a development agreement setting forth various economic development performance standards that the business agrees to meet. In determining the eligibility of a business for development incentives and/or advisability of making incentives, as well as the level and type of incentives to be provided, the city will consider various factors including, but not limited to, the following:
      (1)   The level of capital investment or increase of the city's tax base;
      (2)   The number of jobs to be created or maintained;
      (3)   The level of wages and benefits for jobs created and the total payroll;
      (4)   The "fit" of the business within the city's overall development concept and goals;
      (5)   The impact of the project or business on the creation or retention of jobs within the city; and
      (6)   The opportunity for future expansion of the business.
   (B)   The city may also consider indirect factors such as increase in the expected level of purchases of products and services from local sources, indirect employment gains, increased tourism, or environmental impact of the business.
(Ord. 2021-20, passed 4-13-21)