(A)   Screening shall be installed and maintained as provided in §§ 150.30 through 150.38, with the exception that perimeter fencing around subdivisions, or between zoning districts, may be increased to eight feet in height.
   (B)   Landscaping, fencing or other material shall be erected to a height not less than six feet, to provide a visual barrier from adjacent properties and streets. Such screening shall be permanently and adequately maintained by the owner of the property on which the screening is required. Except for the landscape buffer, no screening fence or wall shall have more than 40 square inches of openings over any one square foot of fence or wall surface.
   (C)   Screening fence may consist of solid wood panel or a galvanized metal chain link fence with all-weather slats interwoven into the metal fabric. Such fencing shall be constructed on metal posts and placed in concrete footings with bracing.
   (D)   Screening fence may be constructed of native stone, brick, precast concrete panels with decorative finish, or decorative masonry units; constructed with the finish side out. In no case shall more than 25% of the area of the wall be erected with common smooth-laced masonry units.
(Ord. 2020-08, passed 4-14-20)