§ 105.06  ANIMALS.
   (A)   It shall be unlawful for any person while in a park to:
      (1)   Knowingly frighten, annoy, injure, or attempt to frighten, annoy, or injure any animal, bird or reptile, or to remove or have possession of the young, eggs or nest of any animal, reptile or bird, or to capture or attempt to capture such animal, reptile or bird except with the consent of the owner thereof.
      (2)   Keep or permit an animal unless the same is attended and kept under the person's physical restraint at all times by means of a leash, cord, chain or enclosure. (See also § 90.36.)
      (3)   Without written permission of the Director, ride any animal in or upon a park area not specifically designated for such purpose. (See also § 90.06.)
      (4)   Tether or pasture, or allow or cause to be tethered or pastured, any animal in a park. (See also § 90.49.)
      (5)   Bring a dangerous dog (as that term is defined by § 90.01) onto park property.
      (6)   If the animal is required to be vaccinated against rabies, bring such animal onto park property without having in his or her immediate possession proof of such current vaccination.
      (7)   Fail to have in his or her possession such materials or implements as may be used immediately in a sanitary and lawful manner to remove and dispose of defecation, as required by § 90.05, by an animal under his or her ownership or control in a park.
   (B)   Notwithstanding division (A) of this section, fishing shall be permitted in areas designated by the Director and subject to such conditions as may be imposed by the Director. In addition, the Director may authorize the capture or killing of any animal within a park as necessary to eliminate or minimize any nuisance or hazard to public health and safety, or to alleviate suffering.
(Ord. 2019-34, passed 10-22-19)