§ 90.59  NOTICES.
   All notices required by this subchapter to be given to the owner shall be mailed certified mail, return receipt requested, to the owner's last known mailing address, or delivered in person. If the notice is mailed to the owner and the United States Postal Service returns the notice as “refused” or “unclaimed” the validity of the notice is not affected, and the notice is conclusively deemed delivered. If the notice is given by mail, the date of notice is the date of delivery. If the date of delivery is not known, then notice given by mail is deemed to be delivered three  days after the date it is placed in a mail receptacle of the United States Postal Service. Notice that is delivered in person is deemed received on the date of in-hand delivery to the owner or any adult residing at the owner's address, or on the date that the notice is left firmly affixed on or near the front door of the primary building at the owner's address.
(Ord. 2018-04, passed 1-9-18)