(A)   Generally. Not later than 15 days after a person learns that he or she is the owner of a dangerous dog, such person must:
      (1)   Register the dangerous dog with the Animal Services Division as required by this subchapter and maintain current registration at all times. The owner may request written extension from the Animal Services Division to complete the registration requirements if necessary. All requests for extension shall be in writing and, if granted, shall total no more than 30 additional days.
      (2)   Confine the dog indoors or in a secure enclosure inspected and approved by the Animal Services Division. The dog must not be outdoors unless it is within the secure enclosure or muzzled and restrained by a substantial chain or leash no longer than six feet in length, and a person capable of controlling the dog is in immediate physical control of the leash. The dog shall not be leashed to any inanimate object such as a tree, post, building, or other object. The muzzle shall be made in a manner that will not cause injury to the dog or interfere with its vision or respiration, but prevents the dog from biting any person or animal.
      (3)   Place and maintain placards in a conspicuous manner at all points of entry into each building or secure enclosure where the dog is kept. The placard shall be no smaller than nine inches by six inches and shall read “WARNING DANGEROUS DOG ON PREMISES” in contrasting colors with block letters at least one inch in height. The owner will maintain the placards in good repair and will ensure that the words are clearly visible and legible at all times.
      (4)   Acquire and maintain liability insurance coverage that includes coverage for dog attacks in an amount of at least $200,000 per occurrence to cover personal injury, death, and property damage resulting from an attack by the dangerous dog without regard to the location of the attack, and provide proof of the required liability insurance coverage to the Animal Services Division. The owner shall notify the Animal Services Division immediately if a lapse in insurance coverage occurs or if the coverage ceases or is reduced at any time for any reason. The owner shall include in the policy provisions requiring the insurance provider to provide notice to the Animal Services Division not less than 30 days prior to cancellation or any material reduction in coverage, and naming the City of Harker Heights as a certificate holder.
      (5)   Present proof to the Animal Services Division that the dog has been sterilized so as to prevent reproduction.
      (6)   Comply with all applicable regulations, requirements, and restrictions on dangerous dogs in Tex. Health and Safety Code Ch. 822, Subch. D, as amended, and any other applicable law.
   (B)   Effect of appeal. An appeal of a dangerous dog determination by the Court under § 90.51(A) or of a dangerous dog declaration by an animal services officer under § 90.51 (B) shall not act to stay the requirements of division (A).
   (C)   Microchip; national registry. Microchip and register the dangerous dog for its life with a national registry, and present proof to the Animal Services Division, all at the owner's expense. The owner of the dangerous dog shall microchip the dog by implanting a microchip identification device on the dog within seven calendar days after being notified by an animal services officer or the court that such animal is dangerous, or within 48 hours of an unsuccessful appeal.
   (D)   Notification of attack. Within five days following any attack a registered dangerous dog makes on a human, domestic animal, or domestic fowl, the owner thereof shall provide written notice to the Animal Services Division describing the incident in detail and with specificity.
   (E)   Costs. The owner shall pay any costs and fees incurred or assessed by the city related to the seizure, acceptance, impoundment, compliance inspection or re-inspection, and destruction of a dangerous dog under this chapter, including but not limited to all costs of housing, feeding, routine or emergency veterinary medical care, and immunizations. Costs must be paid in cash or certified funds only. All costs must be paid prior to release of the dog to the owner, or within a maximum of three business days following notice thereof, whichever occurs first If the costs have not been paid within the allotted time, the owner will be deemed to have voluntarily relinquished of the dog and the dog shall immediately become the property of the city,
(Ord. 2018-04, passed 1-9-18)