(A)   An animal services officer may receive a report concerning a dangerous dog. Such report and supporting witness statements shall be in writing and sworn to on a form prescribed by the Animal Services Division.
   (B)   An animal services officer shall investigate all reports filed under this section and may issue sworn reports based on an animal services officer's investigation or observation.
   (C)   If the report indicates that a dog has caused the death of or serious bodily injury to a person by attacking, biting, or mauling the person, and the animal services officer has probable cause to believe that the dog caused the death of or serious bodily injury to the person as stated in the report, the animal services officer shall proceed under Tex. Health and Safety Code, Ch. 822, Subch. A, as amended. Otherwise, the officer has discretion to proceed with a request for a dangerous dog determination in Municipal Court under § 90.51(A), or an administrative determination under § 90.51(B).
(Ord. 2018-04, passed 1-9-18)