§ 123.03  EXEMPTIONS.
   This chapter does not apply to:
   (A)   A construction operation performed by a person on property owned or occupied by that person;
   (B)   A construction operation for which the city does not require a building permit;
   (C)   Improvements to solely replace or repair a home's component parts including a roof;
   (D)   A person who has been issued a license by this state or an agency of this state to practice a trade or profession related to or affiliated with construction, if the work being done by the entity or individual is solely for the purpose for which the license was issued;
   (E)   The sale or delivery of materials for use in a construction operation;
   (F)   Architectural or engineering services; or
   (G)   The installation of non-electrical portable signs and/or banners.
(Ord. 2009-26, passed 8-11-09)