(A)   The nonconforming use of a dumpster (such as those dumpsters without concrete pad(s), or screening or gating) at a structure in existence and legally utilizing a dumpster prior to October 12,1999, may continue until one of the following occurs:
      (1)   The property the dumpster serves has become vacant and remains unoccupied for a period of one year;
      (2)   Any structures on the property are enlarged, reconstructed, altered, or moved;
      (3)   Any structure on the property is damaged by fire, explosion, flood, wind, earthquake, or other calamity or act of God or the public enemy to the extent of 50% or more of its reasonable value; or
      (4)   The dumpster(s) becomes a hazard to public safety, or a public nuisance.
   (B)   Thereafter, each dumpster serving the property must be brought into compliance with § 51.16.
(Ord. 2004-44, passed 9-28-04; Am. Ord. 2009-17, passed 6-9-09; Am. Ord. 2021-11, passed 3-9-21)