(A)   The city may terminate water and wastewater disposal service and disconnect a person from the system when:
      (1)   Acids or chemicals which may damage the sewer lines or treatment process are released to the sewer potentially causing accelerated deterioration of these structures or interfering with proper conveyance and treatment of wastewater;
      (2)   A governmental agency informs the city that the effluent from the wastewater treatment plant is no longer of a quality permitted for discharge to a watercourse, and it is found that the person is delivering wastewater to the city’s system that cannot be sufficiently treated or requires treatment that is not provided by the city as normal domestic treatment; or
      (3)   The customer;
         (a)   Discharges waste or wastewater that is in violation of the permit issued by the approving authority;
         (b)   Discharges wastewater at an uncontrolled, variable rate in sufficient quantity to cause an imbalance in the wastewater treatment system;
         (c)   Fails to pay monthly bills for water and sanitary sewer service in accordance with the procedures set forth in § 52.04;or
         (d)   Repeats a discharge of prohibited wastes to public sewers in violation of §§ 53.20 through 53.27 of this chapter as stated above.
   (B)   If service is discontinued pursuant to division (A)(2) of this section, the city shall:
      (1)   Disconnect the customer;
      (2)   Supply the customer with the governmental agency’s report and provide the customer with all pertinent information; and
      (3)   Continue disconnection until such time as the customer provides pretreatment/additional pretreatment or other facilities designed to remove the objectionable characteristics from his or her wastes.
(Ord. 2011-01, passed 1-25-11)