(A)   Persons making discharges of industrial waste into the city system shall pay a charge to cover all costs of collection and treatment.
   (B)   When discharges of any waste into the city system are approved by the approving authority, the city or its authorized representative shall enter into any agreement or arrangement providing:
      (1)   Terms of acceptance by the city;
      (2)   Payment by the person making the discharge, in accordance with the user charge system as established in division (C) of this section;
      (3)   New sewer construction and sewer connection procedures and requirements shall be in accordance with the International Plumbing Code;
      (4)   A sewer application approved with connection fee paid; and
      (5)   Construction of sewer connections shall be approved by city inspectors prior to sewer use.
   (C)   The industrial waste user of the city system shall pay one and one-half times the rate established in § 52.01 for commercial users of the system.
(Ord. 2011-01, passed 1-25-11)